Palm Tree Trim/Shaving

Palm Tree Trim Shaving Service

Palm trees are an icon of Southern California architecture and lifestyle. But without proper maintenance, their curb appeal soon turns into an eyesore. We’re experienced in palm tree trimming/shaving. We are professionals with all the right equipment at Green Vision Tree Service. Green Vision Tree Service provides affordable palm tree trimming and removal services to all major Southern CA counties and surrounding areas.

Professional Palm Tree Trim/Shaving

Our professional palm tree trim/shaving service eliminates dead and dying fronds to restore the best in appearance and safety. We’re also experienced in palm tree removals if an old tree is putting your property at risk.

With ordinary deciduous trees, spring growth returns them to pretty much the same appearance. And evergreens such as pine and cypress hardly change at all over the year. But as palm trees reach for the sky old fronds remain. They’re ugly, a fire hazard, and pose a risk of accidents. Homeowners and business owners are likely to be held liable for any damage those heavy, sharp fronds might cause to vehicles and pedestrians.

When Should You Need Palm Tree Trim/Shaving

Without clear seasons, palm tree trimming and skinning can be done any time of the year. But it’s best done before seeds have had much chance to grow. Those seeds take up lots of nutrients, causing the palm to lose much of its vibrant color and may cause more fronds to die. When ripe, falling seeds become a slippery nuisance that can stain concrete. Trimming about once a year avoids all that.

How To Get Palm Tree Trim/Shaving

Contact Green Vision Tree Service today we have the training, experience, and equipment to do the job right, and take all the appropriate safety measures. After a consultation to determine your needs, goals, and priorities along with a tree inspection, we can determine the proper services. Costs vary with height and condition, with regular trimming making each trim less costly.

Palm Tree Trim/Shaving Near Me

Still, searching around for palm tree trim/shaving near me? Look no further, check out our palm tree trim/shaving locations. Give us a call today or request a free estimate below.

Palm Tree Trim Shaving Service