Tree Topping

Here at Green Vision Tree Service, we offer tree topping regardless of whether we think it’s a good idea or not. We talk a little about how tree topping can cause some deficiencies in trees. But we also leave tree topping up to each client because our team respects the choice you may choose.

Tree Topping Service

What is Tree Topping?

Tree topping is when you reduce the size of the tree by deciding to cut the head and limbs back to stubs. This unrecognized method is also known as heading, hat-racking, tipping, and stubbing. The purpose of tree topping is to decrease the size of the tree to make it more manageable. Tree services don’t usually or more so will never offer tree topping. Preferably tree services will aid you by pruning your tree instead. Topping is explicitly considered an unacceptable method for having a healthy tree.

What Happens to a Tree when Topped?

  • Tree Stress
  • Tree Decay
  • Tree Hazards

Topping Stresses Trees

Tree topping drops 50% to 100% of the leaf branches of the tree. One of the sources of food for a tree to help them grow and absorb sunlight starts from the leaves. Removing leaves from trees can starve trees or possibly kill a tree if not healthy enough to grow. Drastic pruning overpowers potential flowers on the trunk below the cut to also sprout. This process allows the tree to regenerate more leaves. When the tree does not hold significant saved energy to do this, it will result in growing weak and dying.

Topping Causes Decay

When tree branches aren’t cut the correct way, the wound won’t close due to the number of tree cuts there or the size of the cut. The wound of the tree can actually expose the tree to decaying organisms that attack inside of the tree.

Topping Causes Hazards

The new shoots formed when the tree is topped are anchored only in the outermost layers of the branch or trunk, instead of growing from the center as normal branches do. These shoots are more prone to breakage because they are inherently weaker than regular branches. Also, any decayed wood in cut branches or the trunk weakens the tree leading to breakage. The result is that after topping the tree becomes more hazardous than before.

Tree Topping Service

Tree Topping is Expensive

If a tree survives after being topped it will require pruning again within a few years; if it dies it will have to be removed. Healthy, attractive trees can add 10% to 20% to the value of your home while disfigured trees can reduce the value of your home, not only because they are no longer attractive but because they represent a future expense.

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Tree Topping Service